The Right Scholarship Essay Format to Imitate in 2020

Follow the Correct Scholarship Essay Format

When writing a scholarship essay, the one crucial factor to pay attention to is the format and ask to writemyessay. You may craft high-quality, informative content, but if you use the wrong structure or the specified format, your application may end up in the rejection list and cost you the funding you seek so much. This is because before the committee can even read your essay, they eliminate those that have failed to adhere to the formatting directions. Bad formatting leaves the essay disorganized and makes it harder to comprehend the message being communicated.

A lot of organizations that give students scholarships have a standard format that an essay must follow. This includes the citation style in case you are required to support your arguments. If the guidelines are not given, use this post as a checklist.


An essay structure starts with an introduction followed by the main body and conclusion. The introduction should begin with a topic sentence and end with a thesis statement. Supporting sentences should connect the thesis and the topic. The paragraphs to have in the body section depends on the given word count. The concluding chapter should restate the main points in such a way that it does not look like you are repeating the information.

Avoid adding new knowledge in the last paragraph but ensure the content relates to the thesis statement. Overall, your essay must be structured to ensure it is easier to read so that the committee can be convinced that you deserve the funds.

A regular scholarship essay covers a maximum of 500 words. No matter how many points you want to add, ensure you do not exceed the specified word count. The trick to fitting all the information within the stipulated pages is only to include relevant information.

Font and Spacing

Use the font, size, and paragraph spacing given in the guidelines. In case you have the freedom to choose ensure the spacing does not allow for extra spaces between sentences. The recommended spacing is double or 1.5. The most recommended fonts for a scholarship essay is:

  1. Times new roman
  2. Calibri
  3. Arial

Stick to a font that makes the content easy to read. While calligraphy might look good to you as it adds a visual appeal, its best to avoid it in academic or official documents. Align the text evenly and use the standard one-inch margins. When submitting the scholarship essay in print, use a quality paper that reflects professionalism.

Avoid creasing the document or putting it in a small envelope that will cause you to fold it. Instead, use a casing that is larger than the size of the paper. Include your name and the organization giving the funds on the envelope or above the essay title.

As for the font size stick to using either 10 or 12 points for the main body and 14 points for headings. After you have completed the essay, double-check it to ensure it is as per the specified formatting. In case you still need inspiration, read through several successful scholarship essay.

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