How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

How to Craft a Killer Scholarship Essay

All winning scholarship essays have one thing in common: they hook the committee from the first sentence by getting personal. They showcase what makes the student unique but in a genuine way. Lack of authenticity or exaggeration in the hope of looking good often makes the reader see you as show off. However, with the write words, your essay can showcase important lessons and convey the message in a conversational tone. When you add a personal touch to your scholarship essay, it can turn out to be inspiring and help you stand out. Read on to get more information about how to craft a great application essay that will persuade the committee to award you the scholarship.

Follow the Rules of a Strong Academic Essay

A scholarship essay should adhere to the principles of composing a high scoring academic paper. The structure should ensure all the information flows smoothly and makes it easier to understand and digest the information. Apart from having good flow, include an opening sentence that acts as a hook. Avoid using overused hooks as they can bore the reader. Some of the hooks you can use in your scholarship essay include:

  • Statistics
  • Thought-provoking question
  • A joke or a funny statement
  • Quotes
  • Anecdote.

While making the reader laugh can be advantageous, ensure it relates to the main idea. You can also start with a strong statement or a question. A metaphor is another hook that can engage the reader and diverts their attention to your side of the story.

Add a Killer Personal Statement

A good personal statement will convince the committee to award you the scholarship because it sets you apart. The trick is to use examples that describes and supports what you are saying. Be careful with your choice of words. Your content should not paint you as someone who loves to brag. Instead, remain modest and allow the concrete evidence to speak for itself.

Add a Strong Thesis

Start every paragraph with a clear topic sentence and end the introduction with a strong thesis statement. This will allow the reader to understand your area of focus and what you intend to talk about. Use the thesis also to highlight your goals and how they match with the organization giving the scholarship. Ensure you include information about how your experiences have resulted in the growth of the skills and qualities the committee wants to see in the candidate who will get the funds.

Avoid deviating for the topic as you might realize that you have reached the maximum word count yet you have barely covered the main points. An outline can help ensure you do not go off-topic. Its also bets to avoid projecting a specific image in an attempt to please the committee. Be yourself and talk about your unique experiences, traditions and even culture. After all, maybe it is your diversity that will separate your essay from the rest. However, ensure the message in your essay is meaningful and helps the committee to understand you better.

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